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Lavender sauna reduces stress

The scent of summer, the scent of Provence and the scent of… less stress? Lavender is one of the most efficient scents available if you are looking for a calming effect.


Sauna in the evening for a good night’s sleep

In this busy and hectic world of ours, an increasing number of people suffer from sleeping disorders or simply find it difficult to fall asleep, but a sauna session before bedtime will put you into sleeping mode. READ MORE

5 reasons to sauna more often

1.Saunas flush toxins Sweating is one of our most powerful ways of detoxing and profound sweating is a highly effective way to remove toxins that our bodies absorb in different ways during our every day lives. THe intense sweating in the sauna helps rincing our systems, leaving us refreshed and detoxed. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during and after your sauna session! READ MORE

Detoxing with sauna - why does it work?

As you probably know, part of the sauna's therapeutic benefit comes from copious sweating. This is how sauna bathing helps to detoxify your body - unwanted waste products are released via sweating. READ MORE

Sauna bathing might lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

A recent study conducted on a large number of Finnish men indicates that sauna bathing is associated with a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. READ MORE

Sauna helps your muscles grow faster

Are you spending hours and hours at the gym without seeing the results you want?  Research shows that regular sauna bathing can help speed up the process. READ MORE

Mint aroma in the sauna will sharpen your mind

A number of scientific studies indicate, however, that aromatherapy can have a measurable effect on our health and our capacity. READ MORE

Sauna bathing increases longevity

New research shows that regular sauna baths have a strong positive impact on health. Regular sauna bathing can actually reduce the risk of heart attacks with as much as 63%, according to a Finnish study. READ MORE

Sauna can lower your cholesterol

Healthy food and exercise are effective means to keep cholesterol levels under control, but recent research also indicates that regular sauna bathing can help you keep your cholesterol low. READ MORE

DIY hair treatments

Is your hair dry and frizzy? Why not make use of your time in the sauna and give your tressles some TLC! You don’t need expensive treatments from the salon to give your hair a beauty boost - you can find a lot of useful ingredients in your own kitchen. Keep reading for a list of our favourite DIY hair treatments! READ MORE
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