Amerec Offers Online Continuing Education Course with AEC Daily on Steam Room and Sauna Design

View of Sauna from Steam Shower

Steam rooms and saunas are highly sought after residential and commercial amenities, yet the planning and designing of the rooms and specifying of equipment remains a mystery to many.  Recognizing this, Amerec and parent company TyloHelo Inc. developed a continuing education course with AEC Daily to help professionals earn continuing education units while learning the basics of steam bath and sauna design.

Beginning with the basics, the course starts with an overview of the history of heat bathing and proceeds to differentiate between traditional sauna, infrared sauna, and steam rooms.  For example, a traditional sauna is a wood-lined room with two or three levels of benches and a heater containing rocks over which water can be ladled.  Traditional saunas are typically 165 to 190 degrees and 10 – 20% humidity. Infrared saunas typically have one level of benches and are heated with infrared emitters integral with the sauna walls. Infrared rooms operate at lower temperatures than traditional saunas and are completely dry—125 to 145 degrees and the same humidity as the house itself. Steam showers and steam rooms are typically tiled (or other waterproof surface) rooms that are completely enclosed in waterproof materials.  Steam rooms are often between 110 and 115 degrees and 100% humidity.

Understanding the differences in the rooms and type of heat bathing helps architects, contractors, and owners to proceed with planning the best type of heat bathing for their application.  Many architects and designers who focus on bathroom remodels are being asked to provide upgraded shower facilities; and after taking this course, they will be able to better understand how to include steam showers in more of their projects, understanding only simple modifications are required to existing shower plans.

Jim Hass, sales manager for Amerec, observed, "When an architect or contractor is comfortable with the concept of steam or sauna, we find an increase in the frequency steam showers are included in projects. The health benefits combined with stress reduction enjoyed by homeowners make it an affordable upgrade that is gaining popularity over other bath options such as whirlpools and body sprays.”

To learn more about Amerec, visit, visit a local Amerec dealer, or call 800-331-0349.  If you are an architect or contractor interested in taking the course for credit, click the link below:

AEC Daily - Sauna, Steam, and IR Course