• Professional

    A professional Amerec steam bath at your facility can make a positive impact on your
    bottom line. We can help you create an inviting, relaxing environment that adds real
    value and generates positive word of mouth and returns for your spa, resort, hotel
    or sport facility.

    From our 3K Series generators to the AI Series pressurized boilers, Amerec has steam
    equipment engineered for reliable performance in a variety of commercial
    applications. Amerec AI boilers were chosen for the Minnesota Twins Ball Park
    in Minneapolis, MN and the Vdara Resort Hotel Spa at The City Center
    complex in Las Vegas, NV.


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  • Your partner

    You can always count on Amerec’s experienced sales and technical support staff
    for help in planning and designing the exact right commercial steam bath for your needs.
    Whether it’s a hotel that offers guests access to steam bathing on demand or a
    health and fitness club that requires the steam bath to remain hot around the
    clock, Amerec has the dependable, maintenance- and cost-minimizing equipment to
    meet your needs. We are also happy to help you configure the commercial steam
    package to fit your steam room. Our exclusive "On Site” technical support
    ensures the installation and start up of your Amerec system will go
    smoothly and efficiently.

  • Custom solutions

    Building from an Amerec steam generator, controls and accessories, you can
    easily add the tiling and comfort and décor elements to bring your own steam room
    design to life. But you can also choose to customize your space with a top quality
    modular acrylic steam room package from Amerec. The "Elysée” room features
    integrated seating, a recessed light above each seat and a glass
    front wall. The "Excellent” room comes with wide, comfortable benches finished
    in white-lacquered aluminum. Both models are based on vacuum-formed
    special grade plastic that keeps the interior bright and ensures it is easy to
    clean. The packages are easy and quick to install to minimize your
    labor and time costs.