• At home

    Imagine being able to shut the door on the world for a few minutes every day. Billows of
    warm, gentle steam wash over you, relaxing muscles, opening pores, inducing a skin-
    healthy perspiration. This is your moment—to follow a thought aimlessly, listen
    to the rise and fall of your own breathing, forget what comes next. When you emerge,
    you are yourself again, cleaner, vibrant and more whole.

    Your own personal steam bath at home: it is easier than you might have
    thought. And once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without.


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  • Easy Installation

    Many people don’t realize how easy it is to install a steam bath at home. This easy:
    steam can be added to any shower by totally enclosing the space and covering the
    walls and ceiling with a waterproof surface material such as tile. The steam generator
    is very compact, which means it can be installed anywhere it won’t be exposed to
    freezing temperatures—a basement, closet, cabinet or attic, for example. The generator
    is hooked up much like a water heater – a cold water line to the generator and
    a hot steam line out, plus an electrical circuit.

  • Planning your steam bath

    Step 1
    Choose your shower space. The ideal ceiling height is 7’ to prevent uncomfortable
    temperature variations near the floor, and we recommend going no higher than 8’.
    If the ceiling has to be higher, we recommend adding the EvenSteam™ Air Circulation
    system. A ceiling slope of at least ¾” per foot will prevent condensation from
    dripping on bathers. The shower space also has to be totally enclosed, and include
    a vapor-proof door, to prevent steam from escaping. All inside surfaces must be
    completely sealed with a waterproof material such as tile. Skylights and exterior
    windows are not recommended.

    Step 2

    Choose a non-porous wall and ceiling surface material that complements the décor
    of your bath. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, travertine, marble, and granite are great surface
    materials for steam showers. To ensure the most comfortable steam bathing experience
    possible, choose a generator sized for the dimensions and unique characteristics
    of your steam shower

    Step 3

    Find a good spot to install the steam bath generator. Anywhere goes, as long as the
    generator won’t be exposed to freezing temperatures and it can easily be hooked up to
    a dedicated 240V electrical circuit and fresh water line. Common choices include under
    a bench inside the steam shower, a closet, a cabinet, basement or attic.

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  • Custom solutions

    Most home steam baths are custom built on site. That means yours can be easily
    customized to your preferred size and shape—and with materials that match
    your tastes and bath décor (tile, stone, glass, etc.). You can also indulge in
    the added rewards of chromatherapy lighting and aromatherapy fragrance
    injection systems. Everything you need to shape your personal
    steam bath retreat is available from Amerec.