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Amerec Begins Production of New AX Steam Generators

Amerec is pleased to announce the first production run of the new AX steam generators. The new generators combine industry best performance with new, feature rich controls and smartphone apps.

While engineering the new generator, Amerec focused on creating the most consistent steam production and the least temperature variance during the steam bath. To accomplish this, the generators use a “Sequential Temperature Control” which determines how many elements are required to achieve and maintain the set temperature, making the steam bath both more comfortable and more efficient.

As an added benefit to the efficiency of the design of the new AX steam generators, Amerec has simplified its generator selection by reducing the number of kW sizes needed to efficiently heat a steam bath. With other steam generators, the size of the shower must be closely matched to the kilowatt rating of the generator to ensure the unit neither over or under performs. To further simplify ordering, the heating elements are rated and sized for use with 240 volt or 208 volt power with either 1 or 3 phases.

With the simplified generator sizing, the control options have also been simplified. The new flagship control is the A6 Touch Control which can be paired with the amerecConnect app for smartphones and PCs. A “Green” friendly feature of the A6 control is “Intelligent Start,” which coordinates heating time with the desired bath start time, saving water, energy, and time. Set the control for the time the bather wants to start the steam shower, and the control calculates what time the generator needs to start to achieve the set temperature. No more guessing when the steam bath will be ready.

For those seeking a simpler control that still controls operations like delayed start, temperature setting, and light switch, the A3 control has a slim profile that blends discretely and elegantly into most any space. The control can be mounted inside or outside of the steam bath, and it may be used with the A6 control.

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