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Home Wellness Solutions are Becoming a Necessity


Health and wellness solutions for the home is a popular trend, as more time is being spent at home than ever before. People want to make their home life more enjoyable, while at the same time, emphasizing the importance of their personal wellness.

Saunas and steam baths are both solutions that can add relaxation and health benefits to home life. These heat-bathing solutions can instantly transform unused space into a spa sanctuary that becomes a much-needed outlet from the stresses of everyday life.

“With home wellness & fitness becoming more and more a necessity, we are seeing an uptick in personal self-care with our customers,” states George Blindauer, Showroom Manager at Roberts-Hamilton Company. Roberts-Hamilton, a full line plumbing wholesale distributor in Minnesota and an Amerec Dealer, explained this trend of placing more importance on self-care has generated many conversations at their sauna and steam display in their showroom. When people realize how easy it is to bring health and wellness into their home with a sauna or steam shower, they wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

John Gunderson, Amerec’s National Sales Manager, comments about the all-time high demand for residential saunas: “People miss using the saunas at their gym, so they want something to use at home. Driving this is the health benefits of heat bathing and using the sauna several times a week.”


Since every home is different, every life is different and every dream is different, Amerec works with its dealers and showroom salespeople to create custom sauna and steam solutions to fit various personal needs and wants.

Not only can saunas be installed in a bathroom for a more typical home spa, but people are being creative and installing saunas in other spaces such as garages, walk-in closets, under stairwells or on their backyard patio. Outdoor saunas such as Amerec’s Euro Patio Sauna tie in nicely with the strong growth in investments in backyard living.

For saunas, an important trend for the end users is being able to have their sauna room custom-made to any size and design, including a wide range of options in lighting, the expansive use of glass, combinations of sauna wood with dark wood accents and rock tower heaters. The end result is a sauna that provides the desired health benefits and sauna bathing comfort but also creates a true “wow-effect.” “The bathing experience is becoming more of a retreat space. Close the door to the outside world, shut down technology and take time to really relax and enjoy the benefits from heat bathing,” states Gunderson.

Adding a sauna to a home workout area converts the space into a spa or home gym. “With a sauna in the convenience of their home, people can enjoy a relaxing post work-out recovery. It’s a self-care solution that offers so many health benefits,” states George Blindauer.

With spending more time at home, we are also seeing more people take on DIY projects including enhancing bathroom showers. Converting an existing shower to a steam shower isn’t complicated and provides homeowners a full, immersive steam bath experience and their own spa sanctuary in the comfort of their home. “We all have different criteria for measuring comfort. We make it easy to personalize your experience with a range of steam bath accessories that add to your sense of well-being,” states John Gunderson. Whether you prefer the mood-soothing effects of soft color light, the peace of mind of insulated steam outlets or the ultimate convenience of an auto-drain to enhance system longevity and cleanliness, Amerec has a solution for making your steam bath exactly right for you.

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