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Sauna Becomes a Family Favorite for Health Benefits & Cozy Winter Enjoyment

An Upstate New York family was renovating their home and wanted their Master Suite bathroom to feel like a spa retreat. The family loves to ski and wanted to enjoy the cozy culture of winter with a sauna. Not only did the sauna become a family favorite for leisure time together, but it has provided health benefits as well. Below, Lauren shares their sauna planning process and why their family enjoys their daily sauna use.


  1. What motivated you to get a sauna?
    My husband and I have always wanted a sauna, because we live in Upstate New York and we are big skiers. We loved the idea of creating our very own private retreat and leaning into the cozy culture of Winter. I also have very bad asthma and the sauna is a great tool for my health.
  1. How did you come up with your sauna plan?Lauren 10
    We recently did a massive renovation of our home, which included a Master Suite. We wanted a space that had his and her closets, a bigger bedroom with a gas fireplace and great views. We really wanted the bathroom to feel like a spa, so it needed a sauna. This was our number one splurge. So, we worked with an architect to lay out the flow of the suite and then we sent the dimensions to Amerec who laid it out and was very helpful in answering specific questions from our General Contractor on installation, plumbing, lighting etc.
  2. Briefly describe the key features of your sauna.
    As I mentioned before, I have very bad asthma, so dry heat was our starting point. However, we also wanted a beautiful rock display and the ability to create steam. We also have three little girls, but only had a small space for the sauna. Amerec did a great job creating a space that was cozy, but also big enough to get our entire family space to heat up Apres Ski. The best surprise feature was the lighting. Each member of my family chooses a different color to help them relax in the sauna. I prefer blue, my daughters enjoy the pink setting, and my husband prefers green.
  1. What has it meant to you and/or your family to have a sauna in your home? 
    I think a lot of people add luxury items like a Sauna for resale value or impact, but we knew we would use it regularly. The kids use it every weekend after playing in the cold. They also like to use it with their friends during a sleepover; it is a fun, special activity. My husband uses it to stretch after his morning workout and I use it almost every night before I go to bed. Due to the nature of my lifestyle, my phone is almost always in my hand. This is my time to unwind, unplug and sweat out my stress. It has really improved my sleep quality.
  1. What do you like the most about your sauna?   Lauren-2-edited
    We love the volcanic rocks. They are beautiful and when you pour water over them the steam releases the aromas of the Cedar sauna. It smells incredible and is just another great sensory experience to help us unwind, warm up and relax after a long cold day in the Catskill Mountains.

    The other feature that we were so pleasantly surprised about was the door. It is gorgeous!  We love the smokey color of the glass. It blends in so well with the rest of our bathroom, provides privacy, but you can still see inside which is important because we have three daughters. 
  1. What do you like about the SaunaLogic2 Control & mobile app?
    I love that I can heat up the Sauna from my phone when I am cleaning up the kitchen so that it is hot and ready when I want to unwind after a long day. My kids are younger and are a little intimidated by the panel (though it is intuitive), so I can set it up for them from my phone. I love that I don't have to stop what I am doing and I can even do it when I am not at home, but we do have a rule, no Sauna without alerting an adult.
  1. How did you find out that sauna bathing is good for you?
    When I was young, I had a lot of asthma attacks. The doctors always recommended steam showers, but those often made it harder for me to breathe. My parents took me to their friend’s house for a sauna and it really helped open my airways. As I got older, I learned to enjoy the whole experience of breathing in the dry heat and sweating out my toxins. 
  1. Did your sauna turn out the way you had expected? What were your thoughts about design and materials? Lauren 6
    Our sauna turned out way better than we expected! I could not really picture it because I was so busy with the other details of the house. I really just put my faith in Amerec to plan it. We are so happy with the quality of the materials; the layout is so functional and comfortable, and the heating mechanism is just beautiful and so fast. We cannot believe how quickly it heats up!
  1. How satisfied are you with the service you received from Amerec? Would you recommend Amerec? 
    Yes, I would definitely recommend this Amerec sauna product. The sauna is very high quality. Our product was back ordered for a long time due to Covid and the supply chain, but our vendor kept us informed. I did not have to chase Amerec down for shipping dates. 
  1. Is there anything else you would like to comment on or say about the product or business?
    We are so happy with our sauna, the ease of use, the beauty and we would definitely recommend this addition to anyone’s bathroom, especially if you live in a cold weather climate. We actually look forward to extreme cold days, so we warm up in our sauna and sit by our fire. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the winter.

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