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Testimonial: I use my sauna to meditate, relax & for a technology-free getaway

Patrick Thompson, owner of Patrick Thompson Design, a high-end design studio in Detroit, MI specializing in hospitality, commercial and retail spaces, recently installed an Amerec sauna in his basement bathroom adjacent to a fitness area. Patrick worked with an Amerec dealer, Wittock Supply, to make his sauna dream a reality. Read the following testimonial to hear about Patrick’s Amerec sauna experience.

  1. What motivated you to get a sauna in your home?
    I had been to a lecture and the speaker emphasized the health benefits of using a sauna daily. I was using the sauna at my health club for the last two years and really wanted the ability to relax in a sauna at my home. 

  2. How did you come up with your sauna plan?
    I had a limited amount of options due to ceiling heights and exposed pipes from my boiler system in my historic home, so the plan somewhat dictated itself.

  3. How do you use your sauna?
    I use it to mediate, relax and for a technology-free getaway.

  4. When do you typically go into the sauna?
    Mornings to start our day, after a workout and in the evenings after a long day. We really use it all the time.

  5. What has it meant to you to have a sauna in your home?
    I love it. I have always wanted one since I was a kid, both for the function and the beauty.

  6. Why do you have a sauna in your home?
    It's our sanctuary, a special treat.

  7. Do you prefer having a sauna by yourself or with someone?
    I like both. It's circumstantial.

  8. What were your thoughts about design and materials?
    The process was seamless, and the materials are great quality.

  9. Did it turn out the way you had expected?
    Yes, it exceeded my expectations.

  10. How satisfied are you with the service you received from Wittock Supply and Amerec?
    I couldn't be happier with both.

  11. Would you recommend Amerec?

Patrick's Sauna Details:


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