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Use your sauna and reduce the risk of catching a cold by 50%

Common colds are an annoying part of the chillier months. There is no actual treatment today for them, since the are usually caused by viruses.

But do not despair - steam and heat may be the answer!

All we can do when we have caught a cold is to try to alleviate the symptoms while awaiting recovery. Now researchers in Austria have found that regular sauna bathing seems to have a preventative effect and that time spent in the heat significantly reduces the risk of developing infections and improves overall health.

"Currently there is no effective medical prophylaxis available for common colds. We therefore scientifically tested the hypothesis that sauna bathing would help prevent colds," the researchers stated in their article ”Regular sauna bathing and the incidence of common colds”. 

This study was performed on volunteer participants who were divided into two groups. One group was instructed to completely refrain from sauna bathing, while the other group was asked to bathe for a long time and often. Both of the groups were monitored for six months. After this time period, the researchers could conclude that the group taking frequent sauna baths suffered only half as often from colds as did the control group.

"The number of colds in the sauna group was less than half than among the other participants, especially during the last three months of the study period," says the research team.

Exactly why sauna bathing seems to prevent colds is still not fully clarified.
"Additional studies are needed to clarify the causality, but one theory is that sauna bathing affects the body in the same way a fever does, and thus seems both healing and preventive."


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