With our homebase in the Pacific Northwest and surrounded by lush forests, roaring rivers and breathtaking vistas, we are test driving our equipment on a daily basis, living the Seattle lifestyle – spending time outdoors and hanging out with friends. Enjoying the moment and relax more will help you perform better both physically and mentally.

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Steam is often used for skin care because it opens pores and allows you to perspire freely. According to Green Planet, steam is an effective home remedy for cleansing your skin. Twenty minutes of steam, once a week, is enough to reduce blemishes such as pimples and blackheads. Steam also works as a preparation for shaving by softening hair and reducing razor burn.

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Exposure to steam causes vasodilatation, a widening of blood vessels. With more room in the blood vessels, blood flow increases, improving circulation. According to Pub Med, vasodilatation has a positive effect on blood pressure and is often initiated with drugs. Through the use of a steam shower, though, you can enjoy a safe, natural vasodilating effect.



One of the main reasons people enjoy steam showers is that it relaxes them. The heat allows your muscles to relax, reducing tension. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, steam showers have a fatiguing effect, which can improve sleep when used before bed.



During exercise, metabolic waste is built up in muscles, which causes soreness and fatigue. Combining a steam shower with a cold bath or shower can help flush out this waste. Alternating between the heat of the steam and the cold bath causes a pumping action in the capillaries and rids muscles of the waste. Alternate between one minute of steam and one minute of cold water to initiate the pumping action.

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