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Announcing the Launch of The New Amerec: Steam. Sauna. Solutions.

In April, Amerec launched a new website designed with optimal user experience in mind and integrated with today’s latest technologies.

In April, Amerec launched a new website designed with optimal user experience in mind and integrated with today’s latest technologies to help find the best steam and sauna solutions.

First, the Amerec website has been redesigned to be easier to navigate, regardless of device, using responsive design. This improvement brings all of the site’s features, especially the Steam Builder Tool, to both mobile
and desktop devices. Additionally, mobile visitors can easily locate the closest Amerec dealer using the new dealer locator map that detects your location, saving time and ensuring greater accuracy in locating the closest dealer.

Beyond the improved layout and design, Amerec has increased the focus on how to integrate steam and sauna as part of a healthy lifestyle. From the website’s “Health Expedition” tab discussing specific health benefits of heat bathing to blog posts with tips to improve overall health and wellness, Amerec is becoming a source for the latest information on steam, sauna, and healthy living.

Through better navigation and better layout, the steam and sauna product pages allow for visitors to more quickly identify the products that meet the project specifications. With direct links to downloads and
compatible products, it is easier to select a complete package. For those requiring additional assistance, proactive Live Chat has been added to all product pages to ensure the right solutions are found every time.
To learn more about the New Amerec, call 800-331-0349 or visit the closest dealer.

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