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A variety of smart features and flexible controls will take your home or commercial spa to the next level.

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All steam kits include the ComfortFlo™ steam head. The ComfortFlo steam head is designed for optimal steam dispersion providing more even heat throughout the steam room and reducing the time required to reach the desired room temperature. It ensures that each steam bath is perfect and invigorating. Steam is delivered into the room emitting a soft “pink noise”, which is a component inducing a higher state of relaxation and better sleep. The ComfortFlo™ steam head features a fragrance reservoir allowing the bather to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy using their favorite fragrance.


This design feature delivers a more constant flow of Soft Steam and a more stable comfortable steam bath experience.


Your AK steam generator features an optional automatic drain and flushing system for added convenience and worry-free performance. The automatic drain empties the generator tank after every bath; then just prior to your next steam bath the tank is refilled with clean, fresh water. In addition to reducing sediment build up and providing longer element life, the drain ensures that the steam for each new bath is generated from pure, freshly- sourced water.

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