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The Homebase

Seattle, Washington is where we at Amerec have our roots. It has been our home since our founding days and is part of the reason why we continually create advanced and innovative custom solutions for steam rooms and saunas. Our Scandinavian heritage contributes to sensibility, functionality and clean and simple luxury.




Even though we are widely known for our seemingly endless rainfall, Seattle actually sees less annual precipitation than cities like Houston, Chicago or New York City. With all the rain, the eco-system surrounding Seattle is lush and filled with life, energy and natural beauty. The ever-present water and humidity is our inherent inspiration for steam.

We love being outdoors. Consequently there are more people in Seattle who bike to work compared to any other U.S. city of similar size. The affinity for active, outdoor living and the versatility of the bike as a means of transportation inspired Seattle police department to create the first bicycle patrol in the country.

REI – Recreational Equipment Inc.
was founded in Seattle in 1938

Seattle is the birthplace
of Starbucks, the world's
largest coffee chain


  • On July 1, 1963, Ted Bailey and Dick Robinson incorporated Sauna Inc. as co-founders and owners. We manufactured our own sauna rooms at our Bellevue, WA facility and acquired the distribution rights to the Finnish Metos brand of sauna heaters.

  • Our corporate name changed to Amerec and the company was divided into two divisions – exercise & leisure and sauna & steam. The former as the distributor of Tunturi excercise equipment and the latter as distributor of sauna equipment.

  • This is the year in which we introduced steam generators bearing the Amerec name. Local production and sticking to our own ideas and quality mindset, our steam has set the standard of steam generation.

  • Marking the 20-year anniversary as a company, we dropped our distribution rights to the Metos sauna heaters and started production of our own sauna heaters at our Bellevue, WA facility.

  • US Steam and Sauna industry's first digital control introduce by Amerec.

  • Soft Steam featured on the AK models provided the most accurate temperature in the market.

  • At 35 years young, Amerec was acquired by Saunatec Inc. Our steam business remains in Washington State while sauna and heater production is moved to Minnesota and Finland respectively.

  • Introduction of the highest quality Signature Designer Sauna Rooms in the plumning industry.

  • Amerec is the first US steam company to introduce modular steam rooms imported from Germany.

  • Our smallest design of steam generators creates its own market - Vapormist models.

  • The first steam company to expand its heat bathing products by offering infrared sauna.

  • Amerec enters the commercial steam boiler market with the AI models.

  • In an effort to make the Amerec experience even more pleasurable, the late 1990’s and 2000’s saw rapid development of advanced control panels with the introduction in 2008 of a wireless control and touch screen control panel – both industry firsts.

  • Touchscreen controls were launched with AT models.

  • AX models come to market with new advanced A6 & A3 controls systems and amerecConnect app.

  • Amerec is now part of TyloHelo World Group which is the largest sauna/steam company in the world and is currently selling into 43 countries. The factories are located in Finland and Sweden, with US factories located in Minnesota and Washington.

With our homebase in the Pacific Northwest and surrounded by lush forests, roaring rivers and breathtaking vistas, we are test driving our equipment on a daily basis, living the Seattle lifestyle – a lifestyle built on spending time outdoors, hanging out with friends while enjoying the moment.

Regardless of where you are, we encourage you to get out there and run, jump, ski or play. We are sure to be able to help you enjoy it more by making relaxation in the comfort of your own home possible. It will help you perform better both physically and mentally and get you ready for your next adventure.


Airplane manufacturer
Boeing was founded in the
Seattle area by William

Jimi Hendrix was born
in Seattle in 1942


Microsoft, Costco & Amazon
call Seattle home